<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> The Hughes Family of Henderson, Nevada

Box 1
The family of
Ronald D. Hughes



Box 2
Genealogy of
William Rensselaer Brooks I

Old Brooks Photos

Hornell, NY

(Reunions and photos)



Box 3
The OffSpring of
W. R. B. II

The beginning

Woodhull, NY

Wilda C. Brooks
Leonard F. Brooks
Florence B. Brooks
Edward W. Brooks
Robert M. Brooks
Donald R. Brooks
William M. Brooks


Box 4
The Civil War

1.  Letters
Apr, 1864
Apr, 1864
Sep, 1864
Unk, 1864
pr 3, 1863
Apr 10,1863
Apr 29, 1863
May 10, 1863

2. Pension Appl

3.  Service Statement

4.  The 161st

5. 1stRegt Draggons

6.  Tribune Article

7.  Baton Rouge Grave


Box 5
The Ensign Family

1. Narrative
2.  Photos 1
3.  Photos 2


Box 6
The Hughes Family

1.  Hughes Pictures
2. Arthur B. Hughes

3.  A. B. Hughes
4.  Harris Narrative
5.  D. R. Harris & Wife
6.  Robert Harris
7.  Other Harris
8.  Harris Pictures
9.  Olds family News
10. Olds Pictures
11. Robert Olds, USN


Box 7
The Fritz Family

1. Go Here


Box 8



Box 9
Brace Newspaper Ads











Welcome to the web site of Ronald D. Hughes of Henderson Nevada. The site consists of numerous pages grouped together by subject as shown in the yellow boxes to the left.  Some pages will allow you to 'drill down' to other pages.

Click here to send Ron an email (ron at hughesheritage dot org)

First Things First
I've been designated as the "Keeper Of The Records"
For the Class of 1961, Owego Free Academy.
Listed below are links to current information regarding our classmates.

I recently created a blog on which you can post items/photos of interest to the Hughes/Brooks/Fritz family.
Here's the link. Happy posting!

                      Roll Of Honor - Those That Served

                              View as a Powerpoint Slide Show         or         as a PDF slideshow

                                       In Memoriam       Can't Be Found         Location By State

Some classmates do not wish to have their EMail address, phone number, and/or mailing address listed on the web. Send me an EMail if you wish to contact someone and I will forward it to them.  Same with a phone call.  In addition, I maintain a list of classmates that do not want to be contacted.

During the past few months, I've become hooked on viewing
videos and related material. Below are links to my favoriate.
Once you reach the below links, there are dozens of others to click on.

(Each Selection Will Open A New Page In Your Browser)

Our National Anthem
by Davis Highway
Summer Wind
by a 9-year old boy
The Imposssible Dream
by The Johnson Brothers
North Korean Child Guitar Player
Washing Machine Drummer
13-year-old trumpet Player
The Johnson Brogthers - Again!! Little Piano Player
Homeless Korean Boy Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Sam Kelly Oak Ridge Boys and G. I. Joe
Great German Music 8-Year Old Tap Dancer
Choral - True Colors Great Banjo & Guitar
More Great Banjo & Guitar Still More Banjo, Guitar & Violin
Inspirational Former Marine Top Secret Drum Corps - Tremendeous
Building Of The Hoover Dam Bridge (Slide Show -Approximate 30 second load time)
A Teen Elvis 9- Year Old Opera Star From Holland
Teen Playing Two Guitars 9- Year Old Adrian - Tremendeous
10-year old Carson Peters National Geographic
Amazing 12 year old!! Same kid at age 9
Alex Keirl singing 'Bring Him Home' Jai Waetford - Beatutiful!!
Great Bluegrass - Could be Owego!! Jerry Lee Lewis Sound Alike
Christmas Fireplace More Christmas
These little tykes will "raise you up" A kid at the Grand Old Opry
Little Girl - Big Voice!  

Yellow boxes on the left:

Box 1 The personal website of the Hughes Family of Henderson, Nevada.  It is probably of no interest to anyone except family members.  Lots of pictures and bits and pieces about the family.
Box 2

Presents information for the family of William Rensselaer Brooks I, my Great-Grandfather.  Lots of interesting stuff, especially for those researching the Brooks surname.

Box 3 Displays pictures of my Aunts, Uncles and their children.  They are the offspring of William Rensselaer Brooks II.
Box 4 Links to a series of pages related to family involvement in the Civil War.
Box 5 Links to genealogical information for the family of Torrison deLos Ensign, grandfather of Jennie (Jane) Mable Ensign.
Box 6 Links to lots of stuff pertaining to the Hughes/Harris/Olds families.
Box 7 Connects you to my wife's family (Fritz, McHenry, Miller, etc.)
Box 8 Will take you to various genealogy reports

Click here to find out what day of the week a certain date falls on

Click here to read a couple poems.

If you know how old someone was (years, months and days) at date
of death and their date of death but not date of birth, click here.

Click here to view Coats' of Arms associated with the Brooks, Hughes,
Ensign, Harris Families

How to determine relationships, i.e., cousins and 'removeds'
(You will need a PDF Reader to open this file)


As you view the various pages on this site dealing with genealogy, I suggest you keep a few things in mind. Each person has a date of birth, some have a date of death, and others are still living. The common format for indicating these factors is "1868-1892", "1989- ", etc. Although the dates may differ, they have a common thread, i.e., the ‘dash’.

You have a unique heritage. Many of the things that make you who you are were given to you long before you had a choice. Not just the color of your eyes or talent for athletics or music, but the ways you value nature, enjoy the company of others, etc. All these have been caught and taught over the course of your life by parents, teachers, classmates, folks in church, friends, and too many others to say.

Take a few moments to remember a few of those people who have been important in shaping your personality. It doesn’t take long to begin to recall a whole "cloud of witnesses". Can you single out just three people who have been most important to you? What legacy did they give you?

When we are working hard in the present to make the best possible lives we can for ourselves and our families, we often forget that past, present, and future are bound together in each of our lives. We each have a story to tell, a story that moves from our past into our future. The dash kinda joins our date of birth to our date of death. However, a lot goes on in between.

The above heading is "PONDER THE DASH". One definition of ponder is to consider or deliberate. As we look over the history of our families, we should ask ourselves "What took place in that persons life during the ‘dash’, and how does that affect our lives today. How do our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, affect our lives today? What were we taught by others that we use today, subconsciously or otherwise. What likes, dislikes, prejudices, etc. do we have because of our ancestors?

Now that you’ve pondered for awhile, think about how YOU have affected the life of someone else. What have YOU taught a son or daughter, or someone else’s child that they will pass along to their children.

Maybe there’s a bit of realism in the old saying "You’re just like your ______". You fill in the blank.

I hope you find the information on this site informative and interesting. If you ponder for awhile, you may even find it enlightening.



Go on in the way you are going. Leave your lights burning behind you
so that others coming after you may benefit thereby.
Perchance, your boy or girl, passing that way some day,
may point to a lamp you left and say, gratefully and with pride,
'My Dad left that light burning'.


by Jack W. Brisco

In search for an ancestor with the family name
Who in history has some claim to fame.
I'd like to find someone who was great,
One whose actions I'd be proud to relate.
Alas, it's true - no one can find
Who made a contribution to mankind.
Then I wonder if, in some future year
Another searches for someone to revere
And finds my name on the tree,
Will he or she be proud of me.


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