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Page 54, Chapter XIII

"Echoes of Woodhull"

byGenieva B. Pawling

Published 1970

There was a time when the only way to get a letter in or out of Woodhull was to find a person who was making the trip and entrust it to his care.In 1841, according to Mrs. BALDWIN’S letter, Woodhull received mail once a week, and it was important enough to write home about. Isaac GOODSELL brought it in on horseback.In 1868, there were post offices at East Woodhull, Postmaster Eri CASTLE; at Hedgesville, Postmaster Samuel OLMSTEAD; Wiley’s Corners, Postmaster Eleazer ALBEE; and Nelson Perry was postmaster at Woodhull.Just over the town line in East Troupsburg, Stephen BREWER was postmaster and kept a general store in 1885.By 1891, Hedgesville was getting its mail from Rathbone three times a week, and a post office had been set up in Borden. The postmaster there was Lariston SPRAGUE, the post office in a small house that sat back of the church. At another time, Tubal BAXTER held the office, and at one time, George HARRIS. The post office was taken up about 1904.Before R.F.D., Ransom HURD at one time and Jay WATSON at another, brought the mail from Addison to post offices at Freeman, Borden and Addison Hill, and people called at the post office for it.In 1891, Woodhull had daily mail brought from Addison by stage. Jeffrey SMITH was postmaster in 1861; S.L. WILDRICK in 1896. Others have been Ed MASON, Carrie COLVIN, Menzo HUSTED, Willis STROUD, Reuben JOHNSON, Walter REYNOLDS and the present incumbent, Gerald DAVIS.The first rural carrier for the Borden area was Charles GUILES. Others have been Arthur STICKLER, Mr. ROBINSON, Joe HICKEY and Franklin BUTLER now serving.