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Through his research, William Malcolm BROOKS determined a portion of this line.

Ronald HUGHES corresponded with Scott D. ENSIGN, a senior at the University of Michigan during September of 2000. Scott made reference to a book that he had access to called "Ensigns in America", compiled and published by Martha Eunice ENSIGN NELSON. Scott also mentioned that most ENSIGNs can trace their line back to James ENSIGN, who came from Scotland in 1632. Scot’s line is James, David, David, Datus, Datus, Seymour, Hiram, Marshall, Daniel, Clarence, Richard.

Ronald also received a published report called "Record of the Descendants of James Ensign and his Wife Sarah Elson". Although our line of the Ensigns cannot be linked to James and Sarah, the report included information pertaining to Torrison (or Torreson) de Los ENSIGN, grandfather of Jennie (Jane) Mable ENSIGN BROOKS.

Additional information was obtained through the internet from the LDS Genealogy Site. (call numbers 1985508, 198544, 1903890, 456400, 2034840, 1903984).  Census data were also used.

Conflicting information was obtained from the various sources . Apparently, very little was verified from primary sources.  See "The Ensign Mess" for additional information

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