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I[This page is with the letter dated 1864 April 26th, but is smaller than the other sheet.

The second page of the other sheet is not filled and the writing on this sheet does not start at the top. This sheet is the same size as letters he wrote in August and September, 1863. It does provide a fine conclusion to Private Brooks's writings.]

I have just had my dinner andI thought I would write A little
more I have not mutch to write but while I am hear Alone and I feel
lomesom when I have work to do I feel
contented but now they are all gone and
I [have] nothing to do but to think of home oh if
I could be home one day I would
be willing to come back and stay one
year more but I donot expect to get home
untill I come for good we had the promis
of a forlow this fall but I do not expect it
but if I can heer from and lern that
you are well I am A happey man you
must keep good curuge and not worrey
About me for I never had better health
than I have now I have to work hard
but I do not stand gard or have to fight
when we have to fight I have to keep
in the rere so I am out of danger bu
tI bin whare the bullets flew but what
of that I may have to go thare again but
I am
ready if it will end the war