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Elexandra April 26th:


Dear wife and children

I will try to write toyou A line to let you know that I amstill in the land
of the living and welland hope that you are all well I got yours of
the 3th yesterday and was glad to here thatyou was well I am afraid
that if you go to keepboarders you will work to hard but you must
keep a girl to help you now I will tell yousomething about our march
we left campth 15 of Mar cince that we have marched 524miles and
have fought 3 hard battles Iwas not in eney of them we first met the
rebs at a place called sabine cross roards wehad bin held in reserv
all untill almost nightthen the rebs was reinforsed by 10 thousand
and our men begun to give way then ourdivision was called for and they
whent inbut I will not try to discribe it I cannotit was alful the rebs tryed
to take a betrey and welet them get almost up and then we opened on
them- - - - -we killed 1300 in one hour that night wefel back to plesant hill
and they followed usand they got to clost for we killed a host of
them but banks [Major General Nathaniel Banks, commander of theRed River expedition]
kept on the retrebe untillwe got to a place called GranD Core [Grand Ecore]
on the redriver and we styed thir 11 days but we stayedto long for the rebs
got all round us and theythought to take all us they was mistaken
for we cut them all to peses one day theyattacked us in our frunt and rere
all at oncebut they drove thare ducks to a bad marketwe killed from
3 to 4 thousand and tuck3 thousand prisners we have stopped hear
how long we will stay I cannot tell I hadlike to for got to tell you what we
done as wecome we burnt every thing for fiftey mileswide and 100 in lanth
that was fun fore meif we stay heer I am agoing to cend home
for a box some think that we will stay heeruntill hot weather is over I hope we may
unless we could go on the miss riverwe will have to have more men before
we can go up through texes- - - - -I will close tell the children I willwrite to then
if we stay a few days untill I get rested little

No more fromWm R Brooks toJane Brooks and all the children 1234 Stamps