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Letter from Private William Brooks,

CO E, 161ST NYVIPort Hamilton, La. April 3, 1863

William R. Brooks to Jane Brooks, his wife and children.

[Fort Hamilton is now in Brooklyn, NY. It guards the entrance to the Upper Bay of New York Harbor.

William was apparently left behind when the 161st NYVI Regiment sailed to Louisiana in December. He had not yet been sent to join them.]

apr 3  63 Port Hamilton Apr 3 6[torn]
Dear wife
I once more sit dow to write to you know that I am well and
hope this will find you the same
I recieved your letter and was [glad?]
to heer from you but was sorry to heer that Mation was sick I hope he
will not be sick long
we expeced to go away from [torn] last sunday but
we are heer yet and how long we shell stay I cannot tell I hope that
I s [torn] stay [rest of line illegible] armey for
it is A good place I am
heer to the fort and I dont have mutch to do and and live very well but
I expect I shell to go to New Orliens and cannot tell when we shall go
we may go to day an we may not go in A week - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - you
must write to me as soon as you can if I am gone the letter will come
whare I am you must keep up good curage and I will try to we cannot
tell how mutch comfort there is in store for us yet
I expect to come home
and stay thare before fall I will tell you that this is A very fine place orsters
and clams can be picted up by the butchel I have nothing more to write

my love to all Good bye to all from Wm R to Jane Brooks - - - - -