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April 10th, 1863

William R. Brooks to Jane Brooks his wife and children.

[Written from Fort Hamilton, NY.]

Fort Hamilton

Apr 10th 63

Dear wife

I sit down this morning to write A few lines to you to let know how
I get alongI am not very well this morning we had A hard time night
before last we started for Neworiens About sundown we run out about
60 or 80 miles it had got to 10 oclock we had all gone to bed all at
once we heard a dredful noyes and the nex moment we heard the
cry we are sinking we had bin strucked by A nother ship and they all
though we should go to th e bottom but we was not as bad as we
though but it was bad enough I tell you we had bin strucked at the
forward end of our ship it strucked neer the bow and it toar through
between the decks to the wheal house it nocked 4 men over board
and we never seen them again - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - it was A dredful
time some praied some swore and some was craysey the other ship
was worse of then we was she had her foremast knocked down and
she was almost in A sinking condision her jib boom her bow spit and
her cut water was gone we tuned round and run back to N Y Again and
toed the other ship in to N y we are back heer to fort hamilton again we
shell have to stay heer untill we shave to go I cannot get eny examination
heer they say that we shell go to morrow but I donot beleave it for it is
A big job to fix the ship thare is A hole in her about 5 feet wide an 40 feet
long but I shell go with good curage for they all say that I will get my
discarge as soon as I get to the regtment I found some heer that I was
acquanted with Erastus Dixon is heer he has - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - been
in service A good while and he says that they will not have me A tall so
you must keep up curage and I will try to I feel that I am in the hands of
A juest God and he will take care of me if I put my trust in him I shell aske
help of him that is Able to savewhen you read this you must pray for me
for I kneede your prairs when I am on the deep but I know that I have
your love to go with me and it shell gard me againce all danger and bring
me back to you AgainI got your letter yesterday after I got back heer and
was so glad to heer from you that I did not know what to do and to heer
that Marion was better I hope he will get well soon so that he can help
you someyou must write soon and if I am gone from heer it will come
where I am - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I have left an order for them to send
my letters to Neworliens and they will come in About 10 days heer we
shell stope onc on the way and I will write againI cannot think of any
more to wite this time so I must say good bye you must all write
Marion Mary an Eley an Willie

from Wm R Brooks to Dear wife an Children Children Children - - -