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CO E, 161ST NY

Baton Rouge, La., April 29th. 1863

William R. Brooks to Jane Brooks, his wife and children.

" Dear WifeBaton Rouge La April 29th 63I once take my pen
to write to you to let you know how I am getting along my
health is getting better I think the I shell be as helththey as
ever in a short time I have had the summer complaint but I
am better now I have not done any dotey and it will be some
time before I shellI think we got our pay yesterday I will send
you 25 dol I send it to mr Adsit by exprss and you can call
thare and get the money it will be thair by the time you get
this and in corse of 8 or 10 days I shell get those ellotments
that I sined and then you will get forty dollars more you will
get that to express office if I was in your place I would not
let mutch the 256 dols go for that is good eny time when you
get the draft you can use that mr Adsit will cash it for
you - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I would like to be home and see
you all but I can not come now but I can love you guest as well
as though I was thare and I know that I have your love I can
feel it every dayI left my gun to Duthers and they would leav

it to Erastus Stephens if marion has got well enough he may
go and get it I want you to use the money that you get and
live well as you canI do not know but I should like to have
you send me some things and if I do I will wite and let you
knowI found mr cotton her and he was very glad to see me
he is A going to have Abox sent to him and when his father
sends his he will come and see you and you can put in with him No More

My love to all from Wm R Brook
[written upside down at top of second page] to Jane Brooks - - - -