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Baton Rouge, La. May 10th.

1863 William R. Brooks to Jane Brooks his wife and children.

" Baton Rouge May th 10 1863

Dear wife

I once more thake my pen in hand to let you know how I get along
my health is very good know but this is a very unhealththey place
and I afraid of the climate the wether is so warm and the water so
bad that I am afraid that it will be sickley heer this summerI expect
that I shell have to stay till the regt comes home and whane that
will be I cannot tell some say that we will leave heer in short time
and some say that we will stay heerthare is A battle going on at
port hudson now it is 10 miles from heer we can heer the conon roar
they have bin fighting 2 day but we cannot tell how it will go but the
ofisters heer thinks that the rebs cannot hold out mutch longer and
if our folks get port hiudson the rebs might as well give up for then
thair whole surplises will be cutoff - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -I recieved
you letter of the 13th and was so glad to heer from you but was
sorry to here that you was sick but I hope that you will be well before
you get this you say that you cannot feel reckinciled that I should be
away you must not greave about me for I think that I shell get my health
as good as ever but it grieves me to think that I am heer in the south and
cannot see those I love but we must put out trust in Gog and pray that
we may be restored to each other again but I am A solier and A soldiers
life is uncerten but I meen to be A good soldier as long as I am in the
survice I got in the survice honerble and if I ever get out I shell out the
same but I do not think we will have to stay longer than fall for I think
the war will end - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May 11th

this morning we heard good news from port hudson our men has got
part of the works and they have sent About 3000 negores up thare to
gard the place I think the rebs give up soon for they are naked and
starved and they cannot hold out mutch longer you would like to be hee
r and see the country and the folks the women they are beauteys they
do not ware hoops and look like so meney been poles they dislike the
yankey very mutch they say that we have got all thare slaves away and
that we have disstroyed thare propprerty well they tell the trouth for
the country is rounend the fences is all burnted up the cattel is all drove
off this is A grate place they are the most ignerent set I ever saw they
cannot one haff of them read or wite all they know is to keepe nigers
and have them do the work - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I am sorrey to heer
that you are so sick but I am in hops that you will get well and enjoy your
self but I must bring letter to aclose for we have juest got marching orders
and we shell have to get ready to go we do not now whare we are going
we hope that we shell go north but we cannot tell you must not worrey
about me but keep good curage and pray for me I shell do my dotey like
A good soldear and if I fall I fall in A good cause but no more of this for I
have No feersyou must write often and let me know all news tell all the
children to wite marion mary eley and Wilie

my love to all good night may God bless you all Amen

direck to Wm R Brooks Neworleans
Co E 161 regt NY S V Banks expidition from Wm R Brooks to Jane Brooks - - -